The Benefits of Fall Planting

Instead of thinking of fall as the end of the gardening season, think of it as the beginning of the next one! By planting your trees, shrubs and perennials this fall, you'll be able to give them a great head start while enjoying the glorious fall weather at the same time.

Here are just a few reasons why fall planting is so beneficial:

Rooting Instead of Growing

Perhaps the most important benefit of fall planting is the fact that your plants will focus all their energy on establishing strong roots. As plants approach dormancy in the winter, the energy usually reserved for growing and leafing out can be transferred to rooting themselves into the soil. With a strong support system underground, you'll see bigger, fuller plants.

Less Watering

With cooler temperatures in the fall, it takes the soil much longer to dry out between waterings. While watering is still important during the fall, especially for new plantings, it doesn't take on the importance of summer or even spring plantings.

Better Blooms in the Spring

Your plants will produce bigger blooms much quicker in the spring thanks to their head start in the fall. Similar to the rooting vs. growing benefits above, your plants will be able to focus more time and energy on creating stellar blooms next season if they're already firmly established in your landscape.