Wax Amaryllis: A Plant That Begs to Be Ignored

By Kerry Ann Mendez

Who would have guessed that there is a gorgeous flowering plant that requires less maintenance than an air plant?! I wasn't sure what to think when I first saw it. Was it seasonal decor? An edible? A paperweight?

Nope. It's a Waxed Amaryllis on a stand.

It requires no water or soil - simply place it in a brightly lit room where you will enjoy its sensational flowers when it goes into bloom.

The flower is sure to be quite the conversation piece and once the magnificent show is finished, just peel the wax off and toss the bulb in the compost pile. There's no need to fret about trying to get it to rebloom the following year.

However, if you love challenges and are a perennial optimist, you could go through the maneuvers to get it to bloom again. We offer these no-fuss beauties in a number of brilliant colors. They also make wonderful gifts!