Indoors is the New Outdoors

By Kerry Ann Mendez

Last week I wrote about the projected trends for 2020 produced by The Garden Media Group. Looking back, one of the trends predicted for 2019 was an increase in houseplant sales. This forecast was based on data indicating that more people are spending significantly greater time indoors. This progression has led to what is sometimes called the "Indoor Generation".

More Indoor Time

Surveys showed that 90% of people worldwide spend at least 22 hours a day inside. Americans spend most of their time (93%) either indoors or in vehicles. Children spend less than one hour daily outside, which is 50% less than their parents did as children.

The Rise of Houseplants

Bringing nature inside in the form of houseplants is an exciting, fast-paced movement to combat the unhealthy lack of outdoor time. Costa Farms first launched the houseplant movement in 2008 with their "O2 for You - Houseplants with a Purpose" branded collection. In 2019, approximately 30% of households bought at least one houseplant. Additional top sellers were terrariums, cactus and tropical plants. Millennials in particular have fallen in love with houseplants. According to The New York Times, wellness-minded millennials are filling their voids, both decorative and emotional, with houseplants.

Big Benefits

Houseplants provide so many benefits beyond their natural beauty and assets as room decor. Check out these 13 health benefits from WebMD.

So Many Possibilities

Did you know that Estabrook"s carries well over 200 different varieties of houseplants? We have gorgeous, healthy plants for all light conditions. They range in size from teenie weenie gems like some Echeveria to fiddle-leaf fig that can top 10" as an indoor potted plant. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help with recommendations as well as care instructions. We look forward to greeting you in our lush, color-packed greenhouse!

About the Author

KERRY ANN MENDEZ is an award-winning garden educator, author and design consultant based in southern Maine. Her latest book is The Budget-Wise Gardener. You'll now find her at Estabrook's consulting on garden design, answering your gardening questions and much more. Plus, check out her Garden Webinar series for more tips and tricks.

Kerry Ann Mendez