Spring Seed Starting

If the long winter has gotten you excited to get back into the garden, indoor seed starting is a great way to scratch that itch. While it's not the same as being outside working in the soil, starting seeds indoors can pass the time until spring arrives in full force.

Early spring is a great time to start perennials like Delphinium, Lavender and Coneflower, as well as biennials like Hollyhock, Sweet William and Canterbury Bells. By starting your own perennial seeds you can coax beautiful blooms this season (instead of waiting the typical two growing seasons) while sharing the satisfaction and anticipation with the entire family. Plus, don't forget about starting vegetable seeds too!

A few tools that we find handy to help ensure success include:

Jiffy Easy Grow Greenhouses

Start your seeds quickly and easily with Jiffy greenhouses. The watertight base and dome are both made from recyclable plastic and the greenhouses are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your seed starting needs.

Heated Grow Mats

Help improve the germination of your seeds by using a heated grow mat. Simply plug the mat in, place your seed containers on top and let the added warmth speed up the process. Heated grow mats are perfect for homes that stay cooler during the winter.

Seed Starter Potting Mixes

Coast of Maine Sprout Island Seed Starter and Espoma Organic Seed Starter both contain a rich blend of only the finest natural ingredients (no synthetic plant foods or chemicals are used) to make sure your seeds get off to a great start.

Thanks to these easy-to-use products, anyone can start planting seeds right away. Visit us and get started with this fantastic hobby!